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Stability on Ice and Snow

Uncategorized Jan 11, 2023

This time of year, falling on ice and snow can be a major health concern.
To stay stable and confident on your feet this winter, incorporate these exercises into your routine!

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You Snooze, You Lose

Uncategorized Jan 09, 2023

We've all been there. The morning alarm clock comes on blaring way too early, and without a second thought we smash the snooze button and drift back asleep. Only when the alarm comes back ten minutes later, we're still not ready. If you're in an endless cycle of snoozing your alarm multiple times each morning, the negative effects may be showing themselves in your daily life.

While 10 more minutes may feel like long enough to get the sleep you need, the quality is fragmented and poor. Because of that your body stays in a state of limbo between sleep and alertness, which is why you feel so groggy and it takes so long to become functional after getting up. Along with that, snoozing an alarm can cause oversleeping, not only in terms of getting to work but also for your body's health. When your body gets too much sleep, it causes additional grogginess throughout the day. Finally, your body likes to stay in a rhythym. By snoozing the alarm you can throw it off that rhythym, disrupting...

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New Year's Resolutions

Uncategorized Jan 01, 2023

Welcome to 2023!
The New Year is the ultimate reset button. However, just having resolutions isn't going to help you be successful. To do that, you'll need goals and a plan to reach them. 

There are two main flaws to many New Year's Resolutions: They are too vague and don't contain a plan. You've probably had or heard of a few of the common ones like losing weight/going to the gym more, even buying a new car or house or golfing more. Let's take the gym one as an example (for obvious reasons). How many times did you go to the gym last year? Let's say you went twice. You could meet your resolution in the first week of January, but then what? Along with that, there's no outline for you to stick to. Going to the gym once a week may be more than you've done before, but it still won't really be enough to make changes. You could also go 5 times in a week, take the next month off, then restart the cycle.

Instead of falling into these traps and realizing in March that you completely...

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Southwest Chicken and Beans

Uncategorized Dec 30, 2022

Southwest Chicken and Beans


1lb boneless, skinless chicken breast. DICED


1 package reduced sodium taco seasoning


15oz can unsalted black beans, rinse and drain


1.5 cups frozen corn


3/4 cup pepper stir-fry vegetables  (onions, green, red, yellow peppers). Chopped


3/4 cup water


3/4 cup shredded cheese (reduced fat)




Spray a 10in skillet with cooking spray. Can use a WOK


Add chicken to the skillet; cook over medium-high heat for 2 minutes, stirring occasionally


Add seasoning mix, beans, corn, stir-fry mix, and water


Cook over medium heat for 8-10 minutes, until the sauce is slightly thickened and chicken is no longer pink


Top with cheese and serve


OPTIONAL: serve over rice and flavor with Chinese sauce


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Plantar Fasciitis Remedies

Uncategorized Dec 28, 2022

Are you struggling with plantar fasciitis?
One of the most effective remedies is stretching and strengthening the area.
Try these couple exercises to reduce pain and improve mobility!

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Merry Christmas

Uncategorized Dec 25, 2022

Merry Christmas from everyone here at Northstar Fitness!

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Injury-Free Shoveling

Uncategorized Dec 22, 2022

With winter out in full force, we wanted to check in with a couple reminders for everyone on how to shovel with proper form to ensure safety.

1. Proper grip. Having a narrow grip will greatly decrease the amount of snow you'll be able to move. To be able to use the full capacity of your upper body strength, a grip at or wider than shoulder length is appropriate. This will also help you avoid using improper muscles to move snow and keep your upper body healthy!

2. Wide base. Having a narrow base is similar to a narrow grip. Your body is at a disadvantage strength-wise, meaning you'll struggle to throw snow at the rate you want. With that, we never know what's under the snow. So any ice that may be hiding there can cause slipping, and with a narrow base you'll be much likelier to fall and injure yourself. A wide base doesn't just mean wide feet, either as that can cause instability. . Keep your hips and knees bent in an "athletic" position for the most strength and...

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Focus On What You Can Control

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2022

For many people, a large portion of stress comes from things that we are unable to affect.
The best way to stay present and avoid those distractions is to prioritize focus on factors you can control.
It can be a difficult task, but your mental health will benefit greatly!

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Feta & Roasted Red Pepper Stuffed Chicken Breast

Uncategorized Dec 16, 2022




Ingredient Checklist


Instructions Checklist
  • Preheat oven to 400°F. Combine feta, roasted red peppers, spinach, olives, basil, parsley and garlic in a medium bowl.

  • Using a small knife, cut a horizontal slit through the thickest portion of each chicken breast to form a pocket. Stuff each breast pocket with about 1/3 cup of the feta mixture; secure the pockets using wooden picks. Sprinkle the chicken evenly with salt and pepper.

  • Heat oil in a large oven-safe skillet over...

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Mindful Eating

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2022

All of the information, guidelines, and strategies regarding nutrition out there today can feel overwhelming, leaving you unsure what the right thing to do is or where to begin.
Mindful eating is a simple habit that can make a big difference in your nutrition. Here's a few tips to help you get started!

1. Truly appreciate your food. With a lot of nutritional advice out there today, food is generally considered "bad". Starting to look at food as a detriment to your health is a road that can lead to starvation diets, eating disorders, and an overall negative mental state. Food doesn't taste good for no reason! It lights up the reward centers in your brain, increasing dopamine levels and overall mood. Choose nutritious, healthy foods, and you'll be able to enjoy your meals without feeling guilty.

2. Focus on just your food. Have you ever accidentally eaten a whole bag of chips while getting work done, or finished a full bucket of popcorn in the theater before the movie is even...

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