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This will be the best 90 minutes you spend taking of your health, fitness, and quality of life- GUARANTEED!

Here's What We Will Accomplish Together!

Step 1: Facility Tour & Introductory Workout

Give you the opportunity to see the facility and see what it's like to work with a fitness professional if you never have before and see if you like it.  Additionally, it will give our professionals an opportunity to learn more about your fitness level, see your body in motion, and identify area for improvement. 

Step 2: Goal Setting Consultation

Discuss Your Health, Fitness Wellness, Lifestyle Goals and Your Personal Situation, so our professionals can provide you with their best recommendations. 

Step 3: We Provide a Customized Recommendation & Program

We will develop a customized plan together and provide you with recommendations on how you can achieve these goals in the fastest and easiest way, that's also customized to your ability level, goals, and lifestyle.  


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