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Which of these are holding you back? Learn the Pitfalls of an Exercise Program and the 3 Keys for Long Term Success

The first step of the fitness journey is the hardest.   We have a desire but no momentum.  And there are other barriers to getting started… 

We say we’ll start tomorrow.  The next day, we again say we’ll start tomorrow, and years later, we still haven’t made progress.  

Some of the most common reasons one fails to get started on their fitness journey:

  • I’ve tried everything and it hasn’t worked. 
  • I have nagging or chronic pain or I am worried about getting injured.
  • I don’t like working out, don’t like to sweat, or don’t like feeling sore.
  • I don’t know if anything will help
  • I’m confused – there are so many options out there.
  • I’m busy

Everyone has been there at some point.  Which one most resonates with you?  Is there one not listed here that has prevented you from starting?

Regardless of the reason, these become real roadblocks preventing us from taking that...

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Why you get Winded doing basic activities as you age, and how to overcome it

Breathing can do a lot more than help us not pass out during a workout. It can affect the overall quality of our workouts and our energy levels. So it's important to understand how your body uses that oxygen.

Your body processes the oxygen you breath to be able to pass into your blood stream to feed the muscles of your body.  The stronger muscle you have, the more oxygen your body processes. 

As you age, we don’t process oxygen very well.  That’s why you get winded going up stairs.  Your body neither demands more oxygen nor uses it. During a resistnace training workout, your muscles require oxygen much greater than when doing walking or running.  

After the proper stimulus is applied, your body uses more oxygen to help with the muscle rebuilding process, called the EPOC Effect.  Your body calls for more oxygen that helps muscle rebuilding over days.  When you walk, however, the EPOC effect is very small and does not extend past the...

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