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Which of these are holding you back? Learn the Pitfalls of an Exercise Program and the 3 Keys for Long Term Success

The first step of the fitness journey is the hardest.   We have a desire but no momentum.  And there are other barriers to getting started… 

We say we’ll start tomorrow.  The next day, we again say we’ll start tomorrow, and years later, we still haven’t made progress.  

Some of the most common reasons one fails to get started on their fitness journey:

  • I’ve tried everything and it hasn’t worked. 
  • I have nagging or chronic pain or I am worried about getting injured.
  • I don’t like working out, don’t like to sweat, or don’t like feeling sore.
  • I don’t know if anything will help
  • I’m confused – there are so many options out there.
  • I’m busy

Everyone has been there at some point.  Which one most resonates with you?  Is there one not listed here that has prevented you from starting?

Regardless of the reason, these become real roadblocks preventing us from taking that first step.  The good news is that there is an easy way to get started, and a proven way to stick with it and stay on track.

First, learn the pitfalls of what will not make you successful in the long run, so that you don't get in the trap of trying something that doesn't work.  You will save yourseful future headaches.  

  • Avoid intimidating big gyms. Over 20% of people did not set foot in a gym because of intimidation.   Moreover, only 30% of people actual use their gym membership, and of the limited number that do, only 2% have an effective program in place.  
  • Don’t throw away money on wasted home exercise equipment. Even with the latest gadget, 80-90% of Home exercise equipment goes unused after the first month.  
  • Don't join a class or boot camp that is not have individualized instruction.  The cost of an injury from joining a class where you are not going to get personalized instruction far outweighs the benefit of trying to blend in.
  • Don’t fall for the latest fad diet….not only does this take a toll on your body, but the $30B diet industry also does not want you to know that 98% of all diets fail. When the pounds come off and one returns to normal eating, the weight comes back and becomes even harder to lose.  You'll set yourself back in the long run. 

Now, build confidence to be sure the next step is the right direction.  This means picking the things that will help you make your next steps successful not just to start but to continue to be successful.

  • To avoid injury, find a place that has the knowledge to personalize your program, system in place to progress you safely and effectively.   
  • To eliminate anxiety and distractions, find a private, no intimidation facility.  You will get the focused attention you need without the wasted time and distractions.  Plus, you'll find the session more fruitful.  Combined with the latest in resistance technology, you’ll also benefit from a time-efficient results.
  • To overcome that tendency to quit and sense of failure:   Hire a coach.  Having a coach to guide you and keep you on track, makes sure you are doing things correctly.  In fact, Virginia Tech did a study where they found having a coach to keep you accountable and make sure you are working on the right area increases the chance of success by 2200%!  This is a no brainer to achieve long term success.

These 3 tips are what the most successful in the coulee region have followed to get in and stay in great shape.  Combined with the latest in resistance training and proven science, you'll get in some of the best shape of your life, have a consistent routine, and enjoy the strength and stamina for years to come.  


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