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Hotel Workout

Uncategorized Feb 14, 2024

Do you struggle with staying active when traveling?

Many of our clients have mentioned that they are most likely to "fall off the wagon" when they are on a trip. They oftentimes beat themselves up for not keeping up their usual routine, or don't get back on track when they return. This leads to huge gaps in exercise that makes it even tougher to get back into it.

We've found that simple is better while on vacation. All you need is enough exertion to keep your muscles activated. Expecting to have a perfect workout schedule with a routine that matches your normal gym is a pretty tough ask, and will usually lead to failure. Instead, we tell our clients that your vacation should be a vacation. True muscle loss only STARTS at 10-14 days of disuse, so you won't be setting yourself all the way back by taking a week off. The best thing you can do is get additional workouts in before or after your trip, so that your total volume will be the same as if you had kept up with a routine (the...

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Reaching New Heights

Uncategorized Feb 03, 2024
  • Everyone wants to be successful in their personal health and fitness. What Northstars come to learn is that definition of success becomes much more than just being fit. They are better equipping your mind and body for all areas of life, including having a positive impact on those around them.  However, that success doesn’t come easy. It takes commitment, consistency, and effort over a long period of time. Here are three key habitual behaviors that every successful person develops:

    “If it were easy, everyone would do it.” Success is never a straight line, and that’s why successful people embrace obstacles that come their way.  When things don’t go to plan, they look inward to identify what can be improved, and they always keep moving forward. That’s also why we address positives and negatives in our goal review system, and identify obstacles that may arise while we strive for our goals.  It’s also important to look...

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Uncategorized Jan 18, 2024

Have you been feeling low on energy? One common reason may be caused from not consuming enough carbs throughout the day. We often think we should stay away from carbs but carbs is the body's primary energy source. 

Carbohydrates, also known as starch, is one of the 3 important macronutrients that your body needs, along with protein and fiber. If you are not consuming carbs in your diet, your body will need to use protein to help with energy levels which then will take away from that lean muscle. Carbohydrates also regulate blood sugar level, which is why if we cut carbs from our body, we may feel dizziness or low energy levels. 

Some examples of healthy carbs to eat would include: whole grains, pastas, rice, starchy vegetables (potatoes), etc. 

Carbs to avoid would be sugars, white bread, etc. 

Try to start getting more carbs in your every day routine to help with energy levels and blood sugar levels! 

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Fit For Life

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2024

Sure, being fit and healthy means you look good. However, being fit for life is so much more than that. The combination of physical, mental, and emotional benefits gained from a healthy lifestyle cannot be understated. Keep going, because you're not only changing your body for the better. You're changing your life!

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Recumbent Bike Tips

Uncategorized Jan 03, 2024

Are you looking for a new cardio option that is easy to use and safe for your joints? Many of our clients love using the recumbent bike for these reasons and more. Before you try, take a look at these tips to make sure your biking is safe and efficient!

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Happy New Year!

Uncategorized Jan 01, 2024

Happy New Year from all of us at Northstar!

As we head into 2024, many of you are making your New Year's Resolutions. While these resolutions can be a great tool for motivation towards changing for the better with a blank slate, many fall into similar traps. Here's a few common ones, and some solutions to avoid them in 2024.

More often than not, we try to solve the world without any real plan to do so. "I want to lose 20lbs". That's great! How? In what time frame? What's your game plan to get there?

With too many undefined aspects, there's nothing holding you accountable to your process or results. Along with that, an entire year is wayyyy too long of a timeframe for a realistic goal. Things will change, life will get in the way. By March, you'll have forgotten what your resolution was. By October, you'll already be on to 2025. Instead, start with January. 1 month, 4 weeks, definable actions. That way your structure will be more solid and you'll have the motivation and intention to...

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Best Way to Relieve Stress

Uncategorized Dec 27, 2023

This time of the year can be extra stressful for many people. There are lots of ways to help reduce stress.

Make sure to spend time throughout each day doing something for yourself! 

During the work day, a great way to help reduce stress is by taking breaks throughout the day, even if the break is only 10 minutes. Be intentional during this time to do something for yourself.

Being more active throughout the day can help relieve stress- anything to get your body moving even for a few minutes can help you feel better. 

Write down 3-5 things that you are grateful for and journaling is a great way to help reduce stress. We all have things we are grateful for - big or small! 

Eating healthy foods and eliminating sugars and alcohol can be helpful as well. We may not realize this, but too much sugar can cause a lot of stress. 

Getting enough sleep plays a role in stress relief. Try setting an alarm for the same time each night as your bedtime and avoid...

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Merry Christmas

Uncategorized Dec 25, 2023

Everyone at Northstar Fitness wishes you and your families a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy the time spent with loved ones! 

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Shoutout - Bill Ebert

Uncategorized Dec 23, 2023

Wanted to take a few minutes this Saturday to shout out Bill!
Bill recently set new PRs in his core and upper body assessments.
He never fails to bring an infectious energy into the studio, and is our go-to guy anytime we need a new joke.
We're proud of you Bill!

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Push Past Perceived Limits

Uncategorized Dec 16, 2023

We all have perceived limits of what we think we can do, but the ones who push those limits to the side, will accomplish things they never thought were possible. The sky is the limit! Push past that limit and try one more rep or try to go a little longer than what you have done previously and watch all that you will accomplish! 

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