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Konner Olson

"I grew up in Westby, Wisconsin, where I played football, basketball, and baseball. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison with a degreee in Kinesiology, along with a Certificate in Athletic Healthcare. In my free time I enjoy playing golf and other sports, and I have a passion for hunting, fishing, and spending time outdoors.   Growing up with an athletic background gives me that passion to help others enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle!"


Taylor Pagenkopf

Taylor graduated with a bachelors In Exercise Science from Winona State University. 

Taylor grew up in Winona, MN, and after she graduated from Winona State University, she trained at the YMCA in Winona.  She enjoys outdoor activities of running, hiking, and playing volleyball.   She is passionate about helping others live a healthy lifestyle and helping them achieve their goals!

Nick Althoff

Owner of Northstar Fitness

After being an overweight "husky" boy weighing in around 150lbs by 5th grade, I was not happy with how I looked or felt, and I found a passion for exercise.  I eventually became a 4 sport athlete and state champion.

In college, however, I had a number of injuries that set me back. I took an interest in biomechanics and while getting a degree at the University of Notre Dame researched joint replacement solutions.  Yet, as I aged, conventional exercise continued to leave me sore, injured, and I couldn't keep the weight off.  So I put my engineering and athletic skills to work, developing the latest in resistance training technology and developed our Maximum Muscle Potential Method, combining the latest in exercise science.  As a busy father of 6, I perfected our method of safe, time-efficient, and effective exercise. 

I watched how so many people, just like my mother, were searching for pain reduction, gimmicky weight loss solutions, and medical care, and I wanted to provide a solution to share with others to be able to feel young and vibrant again.  So I hired expert staff to develop into fitness professionals and give them a career ladder to aspire to.  And I created a novel team approach to training with all the systems in place for a consistent and enjoyable experience. 

I have been featured on WXOW, WKBY News  Channel 8, and the Gym Lord's podcast.  

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