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Sciatic Nerve Pain

Uncategorized Mar 15, 2023

Are you struggling with sciatic nerve pain?
If so, these exercises can provide a lot of relief. Coupled with a comprehensiveexercise program, they can reduce symptoms and help you back towards a pain-free life!
1. Figure 4 stretch. This targets the piriformis, which can become very tight especially when seated for most of the day. This tightness can put pressure on the back, hip, and pinch the sciatic nerve. If this is especially tight, wrap a towel behind your thigh instead of your hands.

2. Nerve mobilizer. Opening up the path the nerve travels through can go a long way towards pain relief. Keep the motion slow and controlled, and once you reach your farthest stretch in your hamstring, rotate your foot to point your toe to the ground. This will increase stretch and glide.

3. Glute bridge. Great for strengthening the glutes and low back, and providing relief as well. Make sure to get high enough so that there is a straight line from your hips to your knees, and keep those muscles engaged. 

4. Birddog is a great strengthening and stretching movement. Squeeze your back to help bring your arm and leg level, then keep your core engaged so your torso doesn't rotate. Get fully extended! A slow controlled motion will make this movement much harder than it looks.

To fully reduce sciatic nerve pain, and prevent it from happening in the future, your best course is to strengthen and stretch your muscles through a resistance training program. For a comprehensive routine to strengthen and loosen your entire body, put together by educated professionals, sign up for a complimentary introductory session and consultation!

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