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Knee Stretches

Uncategorized Sep 13, 2023

Are you experiencing knee pain? If so, check out these stretches! These help stretch the muscles around the knee such as your quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles. Each stretch should be held for about 10-15 seconds and repeating those twice. It is important to stretch just enough to fill a stretch in the muscle without going too far beyond that. 

For the quad stretch, standing next to a wall, bend your leg will pulling on the ankle by your glutes until there is a stretch in the front of the leg. 

For the hamstring stretch, Lying on your back, keep one leg extended on the ground while lifting the other leg up in extension, place both hands behind the knee to help with this stretch. 

For the calf stretch, stand with hands flat on the wall, have the front leg bent while the back leg has a soft bend in the knee. To feel more of a stretch in the calf muscle of the back leg, press into the wall with your hands. 

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