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Why Motivation is a Myth, and the First step towards Creating Perpetual Motivation

Uncategorized Mar 19, 2023
For those who are motivated and those who are unmotivated to get in shape, or those who are in a demotivated lull, there's good news for you. There's a means to creating consistent and lasting results-perpetual motivation-that increases your energy, improves your health and stamina, and helps you look good in the long run. In his book "Motivational Myth: How High Achievers Really Set Themselves up to Win", Jeff Haden describes why all the hoo-ra-ra efforts to motivate ourselves in the end, are grossly ineffective to create long term success.
You know that feeling that you are emotionally inspired in the moment, but then the effort is fleeting and ultimately becomes an afterthought? You are not alone; Jeff Haden would says that it simply does not translate to results because we are human, and human motivation is, well, fleeting.
Take John, for example. After putting on weight and struggling with energy the past years, John was super motivated to start a program when he saw an ad for a group exercise program. As a busy and successful businessman, he often had other higher priorities and had to skip his workout. He'd then procrastinate, looking for the right time to come in that never came. Then he tried going to the gym, somebody was using the equipment he wanted to use, and there were so many distractions he couldn't focus. Meanwhile, there were intimidating hard bodied exercisers that preferred to show off what they got. He felt uncomfortable because he wasn't sure exactly what to do or how to do it. When he did get a workout in, it was mediocre at best, and he often wished he was doing something else more important. John stopped going became just like the other 70% of people who don't use their gym memberships. And it's no wonder why only 2% of those who do go have a proper program in place.
So John tried working out at home, and that worked for a few weeks, but what he found was that he spent way too long or he ended up cutting it short, before it became almost demotivating to want to work out. It didn't help that John felt pain in his shoulder after working the triceps and lower back from deadlifts, and he wanted to rest his body. And he ended up not picking it back up. That bike that he just bought sat in the corner, taking up space. "Maybe I'm just not meant to get into shape. Getting stiff and slowing down and dealing with aches and pains is just how aging goes", John said to himself.

The First Step in Motivation is to utilize a process that makes sure you are headed down the right track. 

Jeff Haden would say that you have to utilize a process, and can't motivate our way to success. It wasn't until a friend recommended John to check out a specialized program that designs around his needs and abilities. He utilized the his first step that turned his life around.
He not only started his journey out on the right foot, he created a pattern of motivation and consistent exercise that ultimately regained his strength, stamina, and confidence...not to mention looking good in his sportcoat. And for the first time in his life, had routine he could stick with for years!

Pick The Right Exercise Program for your Body Type

Just as a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step, you want to be sure that is in the right direction! This is the where people go wrong, even before they start! John tried fad diets, quick fix cleanses, and a multitude of other things, and each one set him further and further back from ultimately where he needed to go. But when you pick the right form of exercise creates postive momentum towards change.

What is best exercise program that is right for me? 

Finding the best exercise program that is right for you can be a daunting task, but it is actually straight forward. As Jeff Haden illustrates, you need to focus on the process.
  • First, John had an assessment that looked at his strengths, weaknesses, muscle imbalances, posture. He had his body composition, measurements, and heart rate checked.
  • Then he had his fitness level and stamina level checked. He shared his aches, pains, health concerns, forms of stress, problem areas, and any limitations. 
  • Finally, he had goal setting session where he shared his desire to get stronger, be able to hike with ease, fit into his clothes. Weight loss of course was in the mix, but he really was more about feeling good about himself.
He did his research and found that the best way to make sure he is doing things effectively, help motivate and keep himself accountable, and make sure that he was doing things corretly and safely, was to hire a professional.
A lightbulb went off for John, as he realized, after all these years, why youtube videos and cookie cutter programs don't work. John understood now why that's nonsense to think that whatever cookie cutter apprach his used friend then it should work for John. John said it was important to find someone knowledgeable on the subject, an expert with a professionally designed process. "Just because they have "personal trainer" on their shirt does not mean they are qualified. Pick out a place that have professional staff and process to help someone start off on the right foot."

Starting Out on the Right Foot Is Essential to creating Perpetual Motivation & a High Quality of Life.

Tying in his current fitness level and stamina level, he now had his program personalized to his body type, and a defined workout routine, and someone to help him along the way.  A well-rounded program that includes a mix of cardio, resistance training and strength training, and flexibility exercises is essential for his success.
By starting off on the right track with the first step in the process, he now had a good understanding of his abilities, a personalized program, accountability, and now a consistent routine tailored to his goals and accountability to keep him on track, his motivation was different became a way of life.

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