The 5 Dangerous Health and Fitness Trends Facing Men & Women Who Want to Get Their Body & Energy Back Without Spending Hours & Hours at The Big Box Gym.

Discover 5 Shifts in The Way Men & Women Today Are Changing How They Exercise (and Think About Exercise) To Get Time Efficient Results With The Latest Science, Technology and Instruction.

Hosted by Nick Althoff, Owner NorthStar Fitness Studio









You're Going To Discover...

The Aging Threats Men & Women Over 45 Face That Make Them Feel & Appear Older Than They Are.

We'll share what our research discovered about the daunting trends that are making harder for individuals to live a high quality of life physically and mentally as they get older and steps you can take to mitigate these risks. 

What The Thriving 1% Over The Age of 45 Know About Their Health & Fitness Program, That The Other 99% Struggling to Feel & Look Their Best Don't

Five simple, but profound shifts in how the top 1% of vibrant adults over the age of 45 are approaching their health, fitness and wellness programs different than the traditional ways to live a happier and healthier life more easily. 

5 Critical Transformations I Made & You Can Also Make To Join The Fittest Busy Moms, Professionals, Executives & Business Over 40 in The Coulee Region.

The 5 Step Program That Helped Me Go From Years of Health & Fitness Frustration After I Turned 40 to Inventing a New Fitness Technology & Starting My Own Personal Training Studio...And How You Can Learn to Do The Same Safely and in Less Time Than You Thought Possible!

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"NorthStar IS CUSTOMIZED. As a busy mother, I look forward to the NorthStar workout. It makes me accountable to a great overall workout and a routine I can appreciate. As a female physician, I know the importance of a well rounded workout and proper nutrition to your overall well being. NorthStar has done wonders that I don’t get by running or other types of workouts. As I've aged, I've realized the importance of maintain strength, muscle balance, and having the right guidance along the way. "

Jennifer A. Onalaska

"DEFINITELY RECOMMEND! As a retired internal medicine physician, I was looking for a way to build and maintain muscular strength. My own daily activities include maintaining a hobby farm that requires a fair amount of physical labor and at risk for muscle/tendon injury. I really appreciated the care they took when addressing previous joint injuries and limited ranges of motion. I've noted significant improvement in my physical strength with no injuries, and I can safely say it has prevented injury with the strenuous activity on my farm. I used to recommend preventative measures to my patients, and Northstar would be a strong recommendation for anyone wanting to stay health, strong, and be able to enjoy the things they love. "

S Pavela, MD, Onalaska

"THANK YOU! I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my lower back a few years ago. It got to the point where I had to use a walker to get around. I did physical therapy and massage therapy and had medication but it wasn’t getting better. I decided to try Northstar and am amazed at the improvement to my quality of life since I started. I have never felt stronger and I don’t have lower back pain anymore! Thank you to the trainers for supporting and motivating me in my journey!"

Holley H. La Crosse

"NOTICEABLY MORE STRENGTH Since I've started going to NorthStar, I have noticeably more strength throughout my body. Lifting a bag of softener salt now is effortless. You cannot go wrong with this program. If you are feeling weak and lack of energy, this program will change the way you feel and it's the first program I am motivated to keep doing. Try it and you will feel like you rolled back the clock a decade or two."

Todd W. La Crosse

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