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Walking Tips

Uncategorized May 24, 2023

Walking is something we do every day, maybe without even thinking about it. It is recommended to walk for about 30 minutes/day for overall health. Here are a few important walking tips to be mindful of when walking. 

The first walking tip is to be mindful of the tempo or pace of the walk. A steady, brisk pace is a great place to start for beginners or for those who are walking to get their heart rate up. 

The next walking tip is to be mindful of form during those walks. It is important to walk heel to toe with each stride, instead of walking just on our toes. We want to have good posture with proper core engagement during these walks as well. It is also important to have comfortable, lightweight shoes when walking.

It is important to gradually increase the pace if you are just starting out with a walking program. For a beginner, walking at a lighter intensity for a few minutes would be a good place to start, while gradually increasing the pace and time each walk. 

Give these walking tips a try the next time you go for a walk! 




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